Thames Valley Tangata Ora Trust

The People's Wellbeing Trust

"To foster an inclusive and empowered community"

607 Mackay Street
(opposite Thames Hospital)

Manager Robyn Pengelly
and Patron Bill van Dammen

Phone 07 868 7723
or 027 383 1117
Email: [email protected]
Monday to Friday 10am-3pm
After hours
by arrangement

Our Scooters

We carry a wide range of mobility scooters to cater for all needs and budgets.
If you, a family member or friend need the perfect way
to get out and about,
see us for the solution.
We have a good knowledge of which products will suit
individual circumstances,
and are always happy to
work with you to provide
the best possible support.


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About Thames Valley Tangata Ora Trust

Our vision

"To foster an inclusive and empowered community"

Our mission

Enabling people to navigate support systems and empowering them to build pathways towards wellbeing.

Our services

Health and Disability WINZ Advocacy Support
Supporting clients and families to navigate health systems to ensure they are receiving all the support and services they are entitled to, and empowerment to speak up when things go wrong.

Meetings and Social Gatherings with inspirational speakers
and empowerment workshops.
Support Networks
Sale and Hire of Mobility Equipment and Daily Living Aids, specialising in and promoting good quality, affordable products.

Our products

We are proud to be selling Goldfern Mobility Products.
Goldfern is a 100% Kiwi family-owned business that has been operating for more than 30 years.
Our other suppliers are Allied Medical and Cubro.
Our Showroom at 607 Mackay Street Thames has
the following products for sale:
Mobility Scooters
Electric Lift Chairs
Bathroom and Toilet Aids
Daily Living Products - Reachers, Sock Aids, Walking Sticks and more
Incontinence Products
We will also do our best to source other products on request.

Support the
Thames Valley
Tangata Ora Trust

The Thames Valley Tangata Ora Trust was established by a group of people with a passion for supporting and empowering people to know their rights and assist with navigating systems in the Health & Disability, Social Service and Employment sectors.
We are a registered Charitable Trust providing services throughout the Thames Valley.
Most of our services are provided by volunteers who are passionate about supporting and empowering people.
Our income is sourced from funders, sponsorship, donations, fundraising and our own sustainable funds from a Social Enterprise by way of a Showroom selling and hiring mobility products and daily living aids.
We welcome donations to our cause by way of donations, volunteering, ideas and equipment.
please either call in to our centre, phone or email.
Should you wish to make a donation online, please click below.

The Thames Valley Tangata Ora Trust
works hard in our community
to help people improve their mobility.
We rely heavily on donations to continue our work. If you are able to help support us,
please consider giving to the Trust.
Even a small amount can do wonders
to continue the work we do.

Email enquiries

If you would like to contact us about our services, you are welcome
to use this email form.
We look forward to hearing from you,
and will reply as soon as we can.
Robyn Pengelly
Thames Valley Tangata Ora Trust

Enabling people to navigate support systems and empowering them to build pathways towards wellbeing.

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